Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tackling Non-Fiction with a Close Reading Choice Board

Happy mid-July everyone!  My summer is flying by this year since I decided to teach summer school during the month of June.  Yikes!  Teaching summer school to me can be similar (although not near as painful) to the childbirth experience...difficult while you're going through it but not so bad once it is over.  HA!  At any rate, my three sons went with me, and it kept the structure and routine going for us, which was a plus.

I love choice boards.  My students love choice boards.  We also love interactive notebooks in my classroom, so I decided to go out on a limb and create a close reading choice board to be used either in small groups, centers, during whole class instruction or for weekly reading homework.  

How does it work?  All students must pass through the center and complete case #3.  However, they have a choice as to which route they take as long as they make a tic-tac-toe.  Their final mission is to summarize the text using a paragraph frame that I provided. 

What is included:
  • Close Reading Annotations Chart that can be glued into an interactive notebook for future reference.
  • Notebook templates to write their case file responses that can be glued into interactive notebooks.
  • A bookmark with Close Reading Annotations.
  • The actual Close Reading Choice Board.
  • A summary case file with a paragraph frame to summarize the text.
If you are a choice board fanatic like myself, head on over to my TPT store and pick one up for next year.  

Enjoy the rest of your July!  

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