Sunday, June 22, 2014


I have tried many student organization systems over the years to help my students keep everything in it's place, but my favorite tool is...the binder.  Last year I had my kids bring in a 2.5 inch binder, but I found this a little too big.  This year I put a 2 inch Avery binder on my student's supply list, and am confident this size will be perfect.

Last year I created a MOOSE binder (Managing Our Organization Skills Everyday) to go with my camping themed classroom.  After using it for the year, I decided that many changes were needed to make it work in my room.  Therefore, I changed my MOOSE binder up a bit.  Actually, I think I changed the entire product. :)

Here are some of the major changes:
  1. The only items in color are the cover page and the calendars (which can be run off in greyscale)
  2. I put dividers on my students supply lists this year.  If you aren't able to have students get dividers, you can use the subject cover pages I included.  There is editable text so that you can title them to fit your class.  Instead of making them color like I did last year, I kept them black and white.  You can simply run them off on colored paper and put them in a sheet protector.
  3. More of the pages have editable text so that you can customize the binder to fit your needs.
  4. I included a math reference page that help with the CCSS.  
  5. In order to help students keep track of their class assignments, I created a Daily Assignments Checklist.  This worked really well for my students last year.
90% of last year's binder has been given a facelift, and the product is better than ever.  Click on the picture above to check it out on TPT.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Daily Schedule Cards {Coordinates with Camping Theme}

Instead of writing my schedule on the board daily, as I have done in previous years, I made a set of classroom schedule cards to coordinate with my camping theme.  Actually, these cards coordinate with many themes if chocolate brown matches your color scheme.

I printed these on card stock (Kinko's so $$$$), laminated them, and attached magnetic tape to the back so they could be moved around as needed.  Actually, I had my teacher's assistant (a student) do this for me every morning.  Worked really well!

Click on the picture to purchase my schedule cards on TPT.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Camping Themed Alphabet Line

If you have a camping/outdoor theme going in your room, or are thinking about trying this theme out next year, I have the perfect D'Nealian Cursive Alphabet Line for you.  I created this for my 4th grade classroom, since I couldn't find what I loved on Pinterest or TPT.

If you are interested, click on the picture above and it will take you to my TPT store.  I also have a variety of similar camping themed decor on TPT so have a look around. :)

Thank you,